Saturday, July 11, 2009

Olive Launche Diwan Saheb

Diwan Saheb - everyone's target from young to old when it comes to wearing a latest designed Sherwani. Olive has put its tremendous effort to make this eye catching website.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Internet Ad Spending in the US to Exceed Traditional Media by 2011

According to a post covered in the Financial Times, private equity and investment firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) has came out with a new ad spending forecast. The Internet in the US is forecasted to become the top advertising medium by 2011 capturing $61.98 billion.

The traditional advertising media like television and press will slow down in growth while alternative media will grow at an annual rate of 17.4 percent during the forecast period.

According to the VSS report, consumers are spending less time with media overall. The report says the increase in advertising spending will be fueled by the migration of the consumer to digital media which require less time.

According to the VSS estimates, paid search will reach about $8.7 billion by year end and $16.7 billion by 2011.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Google is the Most Improved Brand for 2007

Google 'the most improved brand' from the BBC covers an Interbrand report which found out that Google's brand value had risen in value by 44% over the past 12 months to $17.8bn putting it in 20th place.

The top 10 global brands for the year 2007 are as:
1. Coca Cola
2. Microsoft
3. IBM
4. GE
5. Nokia
6. Toyota
7. Intel
8. McDonald’s
9. Disney
10. Mercedes-Benz

In an interview with BusinessWeek, David Lawee. Google's VP of Marketing said:
"The challenge for us is to continue to outdo ourselves. That's a challenge for a lot of brands. Brands aren't static things. They're like people. They grow, they learn, they evolve. Now we're almost 10 years old. We know we have a lot to learn. But we're trying to be our own person. That's a little bit different from the way branding used to be done."

Friday, July 20, 2007

Click Fraud Reaches 15.8% In Q2 2007

A press release from the Click Fraud Network showing the figures for the second quarter of this year, has revealed that the click fraud has increase to 15.8% from 14.8% in the previous quarter.

One of the reasons for the increase, according to The Click Fraud Network, is a noticeable increase in botnets, parked domain sites and sites specifically made for the AdSense. This data comes from 4,000 online advertisers and agencies.

The overall industry average click fraud rate for Q2 2007 was 15.8 percent. This is an increase from 14.1 percent for the same quarter in 2006 and 14.8 percent for Q1 2007.

Traffic from botnets which was doubled from Q1 to Q2 2007 contributed significantly to the increase in click fraud rates. In Q2 2007, the greatest percentage of click fraud which originated from countries outside North America came from France (5.1%), China (3.2%) and Australia (3%).

Friday, July 13, 2007

Google Planning To Add New "Unavailable After" META Tag

Dan Crow, director of crawl systems at Google, has said that Google is releasing a new META tag named "unavailable_after."

The "unavailable_after" tag will allow you to tell Google when Googlebot should no longer crawl that page. This tag comes in handy when you have a limited time offer promotional page, and on this page, the promotion will expire on a specific date. By using the "unavailable_after" tag, you can tell Google that they should not crawl this page, after the promotion expires.

But Google has not yet revealed the date for the actual implementation of this tag.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google AdWords Adds Impression Share Metric

Impression Share, a new AdWords metric, represents the percentage of times your ads were actually shown in relation to the total number of chances your ads could have been shown, based on your keyword and campaign settings.

For example, say you own a small web design company and you're using AdWords to sell your services. You're curious to know if you're missing out on potential sales by not appearing every time users search on your keywords. To compare how often your ads are showing to the total opportunities they have to show, run a campaign- or account-level performance report that includes the new Impression Share columns. The report below is a sample of what you'll see:

Search Engine Placement

Impression Share (IS): The percentage of times your ads were shown out of the total available impressions in the market you were targeting. This metric is available at the campaign and account level for search.

Lost IS (Rank): The percentage of impressions lost due to low Ad Rank (cost-per-click bid x Quality Score).

Lost IS (Budget): The percentage of impressions lost due to budget constraints.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Money Spent on Paid-Search is Unjustified

Few days ago, The New York Post published a sensational headline "Search & Destroy," based on the results of an audit from UK-based Internet Search Metrics. The Post article says, according to the results of an audit, which are not yet released, all the money spent on paid-search or pay per click campaigns is often unjustified. Adding to the shocking results it also states that marketers should focus more on the natural side of search engine optimization.

According to Phil Millo, an ISM director "Executives know the battleground for business success today is being fought on the search engine but they know very little about how well their companies are faring on natural search or if their paid search advertising dollars are well spent,".

Millo also said that “Google's own research shows surfers look toward natural search over paid search by a ratio of 4-to-1.”